The Professionals Guild meets with CE-elect Carrie Lam

08 May 2017

The Professionals Guild met with chief executive-elect Carrie Lam to express their expectations for the new government.

During the meeting, Kenneth raised several issues regarding governance, including the Central Policy Unit's role in the government. Carrie Lam stated that the Central Policy Unit will not have a part in making appointments in government advisory and statutory bodies, and will instead help organising cross-departmental efforts.

Kenneth also proposed moving the annual policy address earlier to October, which was the case before the current government. This will allow the public and legislators more time and space to scrutinise the Government's policies. Carrie Lam seemed to respond positively to the suggestion.

While the meeting was a constructive first step to rebuilding ties between the legislative and executive branches, Kenneth and the Professionals Guild will continue to monitor the new government's every action.