Meeting with U.S. Consul General Kurt W. Tong

06 Apr 2017
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U.S. Consul General Kurt W. Tong, who succeeded former CG Clifford Hart last year, visited our office with the U.S. Consulate's political unit chief Clare Orvis. They exchanged views regarding Chief Executive-elect Carrie Lam, President Trump and President Xi's meeting, and the future of the United States-Hong Kong Policy Act, among other things.

上年接替夏千福擔任美國駐港總領事嘅唐偉康 (Kurt W. Tong),同埋政治參贊歐愷莉(Clare Orvis)同Kenneth會面,分別就林鄭月娥當選、特朗普同習近平會面,及《美國-香港政策法》(United States-Hong Kong Policy Act)等議題交換意見。